So, who’s this a-word?

Atheist, complete with a dastardly mustache.

Atheist, complete with a dastardly mustache.


Hi. I’m Angie. And, as you may have heard, I’m an atheist. But, like, a nice atheist. No, that’s not an oxymoron.

Oh, that kind of a-word. I’ve heard about you people, pushing your agenda all up in our faces.

First things first: I do not speak for, or apologize for, the “atheist movement.” The movement has plenty of spokesmen and spokeswomen. You might think some of them are dicks. I’m not going to dispute that or provide mea culpas on their behalf.

Some atheists are dicks.

Some Christians are also dicks.

Can we agree on one thing? You don’t paint me with the same brush as the asshole atheists you’ve read / seen / talked to, and I won’t paint you with the same brush as those Westboro Baptist Church assholes. Deal?

Okay, fine. But then, why are you here?

To spread the good word To tell my story. That’s it, really.


See, there’s a knee-jerk reaction among many believers when they hear the word “atheist.” And that makes it really scary for atheists to say they’re atheists. It also adds an element of danger to everything from family gatherings (“What do I tell my aunt Betty when she asks why I didn’t join in the meal prayer?”) to job interactions (“My boss is really religious. Do I dare be myself and let anyone in the office know I’m not a believer?”).

I’m here to tell you that atheists aren’t bad. We have morals, we have ethics, we donate to charity, we try to help people when and where we can.

I’m under no illusion that my little blog is going to change the way the whole world looks at atheists (no delusions of grandeur here). But maybe one religious person — maybe you — will read this and adjust your opinion, just a little. And maybe that’ll help you talk to that one atheist acquaintance, and make both of you a little less uncomfortable around each other. Heck, maybe you’ll even make him or her comfortable enough to be him- or herself at the next family gathering or job function.

And if that happens, my time will not have been wasted.

Well, fine. I guess that’s all okay.

Thanks. Want a cookie? Like I said, nice atheist.

Chocolate chip cookies

Warm, right out of the oven, with some milk…excuse me, I’ll be right back…