Foundational Message: “Atheist” is NOT a 4-Letter Word. — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Angie, I like the initiative, since like you I’m living the whole freedom of worship thing – I use my freedom to not worship anything that limits me and my life.

    I am lucky to be living in a place that almost takes that for granted, but it’s not a Euro thing – I’m in tiny Denmark – they think it’s a long way from one end of the country to the next, but it’s a 5 hour drive!! In a country that small, I still see the full spectrum from “Indre Mission” (translates to “inner missionary” – seriously fundamental protestants) to the laidback “don’t care what you do, just as long as I don’t have to”.

    Even in this place, it is frown upon to declare yourself atheist, but like you wrote – that is mainly because of the few other people that are real a-words that stink up the name.

    I look forwards to seeing where this is going, and how many people that totally misunderstand the concept of atheism.

    And before anyone hacks down the grammar…I’m a Swedish gamer, living in Denmark, so English is like my third or forth language (or maybe German and French should be before English…hmmm…hard to keep track)

    • LOL – if anyone brings out their grammar hammer, I’ll bring out my even bigger Don’t Be a Dick hammer. 😉

      I’m really glad you’re the first person to comment! I am fascinated by attitudes toward religion around the world, and how they differ from here in the U.S.

      And yeah – I think people see the more high-profile atheists in the media being jerks (even if they’re not always jerks, that’s what sticks in people’s minds) and think all atheists are that way. Changing perceptions – that’s what we’re all about here. 😉

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